Effortless OT Asset Management

Struggling to manage and secure your growing OT landscape? SANCTUARY Insight delivers a one-stop solution, effortlessly automating OT asset management, vulnerability analysis, and actionable recommendations. Gain real-time visibility, streamline compliance efforts, and empower your team to optimize security and efficiency in your production environment. Take control of your OT security today.


Automatic Discovery and Inventory of all OT Devices

SANCTUARY Insight empowers you to take control with a comprehensive, automated solution. Our innovative platform seamlessly blends passive and active discovery, providing unparalleled visibility into your entire OT landscape. Effortlessly identify all devices, from network equipment to field sensors, and gain granular insights with native protocol communication, ensuring zero disruption to your critical operations. Actionable security recommendations guide you in addressing vulnerabilities, while intuitive dashboards keep you informed and in control. Insight utilizes sensors installed within the production network to identify all IT and OT devices. These sensors can be deployed as hardware or software components and gather detailed information about each device, such as:

  • Device type
  • Manufacturer
  • Model designation
  • Serial number
  • Firmware version
  • Operating system
  • Installed software
  • Network connections

Unlocking OT Asset Visibility and Efficiency

As an OT administrator, you understand the critical importance of managing your operational technology (OT) assets effectively. Traditional IT tools fall short in the OT landscape, where devices are sensitive and often lack robust processing power. That’s where SANCTUARY Insight steps in.

Hybrid Scanning for Unparalleled Insights

SANCTUARY Insight revolutionizes OT asset management with its hybrid scanning approach. Here’s how it works:

Passive Discovery

Our solution initiates with passive detection of Ethernet-based devices. This initial phase provides a comprehensive overview of your network topology without disrupting operations.

Active Exploration

Next comes the active phase, where we delve deeper using OT-specific protocols. By engaging in non-intrusive communication, we extract detailed information about each device. Importantly, this active interaction is indistinguishable from regular OT device communication.

Minimal Network Impact

Worried about network congestion? Fear not. Our communication is gentle, causing minimal traffic. We target specific devices, speaking their native protocols, ensuring both accuracy and efficiency.

Seamless Network Reach

To cover all corners of your network, SANCTUARY Insight employs multiple (virtual) sensors or configures routers and firewalls accordingly. These virtual sensors can run on servers, engineering workstations, or embedded PCs. For those seeking a turnkey solution, we also offer complete hardware sensors.

Our solution intelligently gathers device information using both IT (e.g., ARP, SNMP, LLDP) and OT protocols (PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, ModbusTCP, OPC-UA, BACnet, and many others).

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Analysis

Insight goes beyond basic asset management functionality and offers extensive cybersecurity analyses of OT devices. This includes:

OT Network Topology & Asset Detail
  • Matching against vulnerability databases
  • Detection of unpatched security holes
  • Analysis of firmware images for known vulnerabilities
  • Identification of potential attack points

Actionable Recommendations and Support for Risk Assessment

The results of the cybersecurity analysis are visualized in an intuitive dashboard, providing OT operators with a real-time overview of the OT landscape’s health. The dashboard also includes actionable recommendations for addressing security issues.

OT Asset Management Dashboard

SANCTUARY Insight empowers companies to improve and efficiently manage the cybersecurity of their production environments. The solution offers invaluable support, especially in times of workforce shortages, for implementing risk assessments, as required by standards like IEC 62443.





Never scroll through archives of security advisory PDFs again. By automating tasks and reducing manual effort, Insight lowers OT security costs significantly.


Broad Compatibility

Broad Compatibility

Insight is compatible with a wide range of OT devices and systems. Our hybrid scanning technology ensures a high level of asset visibility without stressing your network.




In contrast to Intrusion Detection Systems, Insight is proactive. Instead of fixing false-positive alerts, you can prepare your OT for real threats.

SANCTUARY Insight is the ideal solution for companies seeking to enhance the cybersecurity of their OT systems while simultaneously boosting their efficiency.

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Tame your OT beast: demystify & secure your OT landscape with SANCTUARY Insight.

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Tame your OT beast: demystify & secure your OT landscape with SANCTUARY Insight.