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Join SANCTUARY at Space Tech Expo Europe and SPS Trade Fair: Innovating Cybersecurity in Space and Beyond

Join us at SANCTUARY as we showcase our cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions at Space Tech Expo Europe and the SPS trade fair from November 14th to 16th. Discover how our expertise in advanced security architectures and software protection is pioneering safety in space and industrial automation.

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Hardware-Based Isolation for Advanced Safety and Security in Spacecraft

Our team presented a paper on the research prototype of our Zero-Trust Platform for spacecraft, which secures mission-critical flight-control software in space, at the SpaceOps 2023 conference in Dubai. We also attended a spacecraft digitalization conference in Germany, connecting with industry leaders and staying up-to-date on the latest advancements.

embedded world 2023 banner

Visit Us at embedded world 2023!

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll showcase our latest technological innovations and solutions at the start-up@embedded world booth (3A-325e) at embedded world 2023, which will take place from March 14th to 16th in Nuremberg, Germany.

Hands resting on a laptop, coding.

Hypervisor-assisted Debugging

Debugging options are often quite restricted when porting low-level software to an embedded device. Serial output and printing do not work, so what’s next? In this blog post, we go through typical problems and hypervisor-assisted debugging as a potential alternative.

escar Workshop 2022

Workshop at escar Europe 2022

On 15.11.2022, we held a workshop on Trusted Computing at the escar Europe conference. In particular, the workshop focused on the requirements of Trusted Computing in automotive scenarios.

Banner EU Cyber Resilience Act

On the Upcoming EU Cyber Resilience Act

In this blog post, we introduce the recently published draft of the EU Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) which aims to substantially increase the cybersecurity of products sold in the European Union. Moreover, we discuss why the CRA regulations are especially costly to implement when products rely on open-source software.

Managing run-time vulnerabiltiies

Managing Run-Time Vulnerabilities

Run-time vulnerabilities are a nasty problem of modern software engineering. In this post, we examine a number of approaches that have been proposed and implemented by the security community. Some approaches aim at preventing the existence of bugs, some others aim at finding the bugs before the code is deployed, and yet others aim at making existing bugs harder to exploit in the field.

Webinar on Trusted Computing

Webinar on Trusted Computing Technologies

SANCTUARY is proud to introduce its first free webinar on the basic concepts of Trusted Computing and which threats Trusted Execution Environments have to sustain.

Cybersicherheitsagenda: Containers at a dock, visualizing critical infrastructure

On the New German Cybersecurity Agenda

The German BMI’s recently unveiled cybersecurity agenda calls for broadly promoting innovation, increasing risk awareness, and responding more quickly to cyber threats through closer ties with government agencies. However, these measures are too reactive.

Industry 4.0 factory

Continuous Protection in Industry 4.0 with Sanctuary

In this blog post, we discuss the need for suitable security solutions in the context of smart industries and show how Sanctuary can support companies to enable the full potential of the fourth industrial revolution.

Data cloud hovering over computer chip representing confidential computing

Trusted Container Extensions for Container-based Confidential Computing

In this blog post, we introduce Trusted Container Extensions (TCX), a novel container security architecture we designed as part of our applied security research efforts.

DATE 2022 Conference Logo

SafeTEE: Combining Safety and Security on ARM-based Micro­controllers

We are proud to announce that our paper on SafeTEE, a novel safety and security architecture for ARM-based microcontrollers, got accepted at DATE 2022!

Horizon Cloud Summit 2021 - Presented talk on Confidential Edge Computing

Confidential Edge Computing @ Horizon Cloud Summit

We just gave a talk about applying lessons learned from Confidential Cloud Computing to the Edge at the Horizon Cloud Summit 2021.

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Security Services: Secure Boot

Secure Boot is one of the powerful security services offered by Sanctuary, which can protect systems from rootkits and another advanced persistent threat (APT). This article explains the concept of secure boot and discusses different aspects of this technology.

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Security Architectures on the open RISC-V Platform

Our systematization of knowledge publication „In Hardware We Trust? From TPM to Enclave Computing on RISC-V“ which discusses RISC-V security architectures is published at the VLSI-SoC 2021 conference!

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