Workshop at escar Europe 2022

On 15.11.2022, we held a workshop on Trusted Computing at the escar Europe conference. In particular, the workshop focused on the requirements of Trusted Computing in automotive scenarios.

The automotive industry is moving towards a truly software-defined car – with many services coming from different suppliers. Hence, the automotive industry faces the unique challenge of combining high safety demands with complex security requirements. Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs), which are already extensively used in mobile devices, can help to maintain strong isolation between services and completely separate sensitive applications from the operating system and third-party services.

escar Workshop 2022

In this workshop, we overviewed the current landscape of automotive software architectures. We introduced the basic concepts of TEEs and the history of trusted computing technologies, currently deployed TEE architectures, TEE-based services, and next-generation TEEs.

The workshop also featured a hands-on demonstration in small groups to set up a TEE, Arm TrustZone, on a real device. All participants were able to bring up OP-TEE on a Raspberry Pi and got familiar with the existing trusted apps. Some even managed to deploy their own trusted application and perform a remote attestation! 

Thanks for all the great feedback, again. We hope everyone enjoyed this workshop as much as we did!

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