Cutting-edge Cybersecurity

We are an innovation-driven company with broad expertise in cybersecurity. Rooted and well-connected in the research community, our mission is to bring next-generation security technologies from research into industry-leading products.

In our earlier positions at the Technical University of Darmstadt and the automotive industry, we published our innovative research on top-tier international security conferences while applying our ideas to large-scale industry projects with real-world impact.

The experience we gained as academic and industrial researchers puts us into the unique position to build solutions that unite the industry’s requirements on practicality and efficiency with the latest and best security proposed by the research community.

Technologies & Expertise

The SANCTUARY team combines a unique set of expertise to support you in all your cybersecurity projects.

Security Architectures

Our cutting-edge security architectures combine compartmentalization and asset protection with modern security features like secure boot, attestation, virtual TPMs/HSMs, and many more.

Software Security

Protect your individual applications based on our tremendous expertise in software attacks & defenses. Our advanced secure logging and health monitoring solutions ensure control over the complete security lifecycle.

Trusted Computing

From TPMs over Secure Elements to Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs), we protect your software based on your security requirements. We have years-long experience – from major TEEs (SGX, SEV, TrustZone) to emerging TEEs (Intel TDX, Arm CCA) or RISC-V TEEs.

Software Testing

Preventing bugs in software releases can be challenging. In our software components, we already use a combination of static analysis, unit testing, and fuzzing integrated into our CI pipeline. We have experience in fuzzing all software layers, from application to firmware.

Complex Software Systems

Our products and background make us experts in everything kernel and underneath. We are regularly building and modifying Linux kernels, Android, real-time operating systems (RTOS), hypervisors, and even firmware and bootloaders.

Embedded Platforms

While our products started on Arm Cortex-A platforms, we are continuously expanding our technology and experience on other platforms, particularly RISC-V and Arm Cortex-M/R, but also other microcontrollers.

Project Management

As a startup funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research, with years of experience in DFG, EU, and other research projects, we know how to plan, manage, and execute research projects. We also have a strong background in industrial projects with big and small corporates.

Selected Publications

For a complete list of research publications please visit our Google scholar profile.

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